Alfonso Hotel
Tagaytay, Philippines


Here are just a few things one can do while at Alfonso Hotel.

Take a long, relaxing bath in our Suite

It is not a common practice to take a long hot bath here in the Philippines, but let us persuade you otherwise. It is extremely relaxing and good for your health, particularly inside our accommodations.

We also have on-call masseuses. Let our staff know ahead of time, so that you can take a bath and get a massage right after. Price of hot bath preparation is P250 per person; additional person is P50. Massage service is offered with charge; fees depend on which masseuse the guest gets.

Places to visit near the hotel

  1. Sonya’s Garden (10 minutes from the hotel by car)
  2. Splendido (10 minutes by car) – 18-hole golf course (please make reservations directly with the Golf Club)
  3. KC HILL CREST (15 minutes by car) 18-hole golf course (please make reservations directly with the Golf Club)
  4. Caleruega (15 minutes by car) – The famous Caleruega Church has a long list of couples waiting to be wed, but it is also a popular place for its beauty and nature trail that will take you up to the second chapel. It has a lush green garden and suspension bridge along the way. It's a good 30-40 min walk with an incredible view of Batangas’ green, rolling hills unobstructed by modern development. Caleruega is a nice place to visit for couples, families, and groups of friends, or even by yourself for some down time. The church is also easy to get by jeepney then tricycle (ask the tricycle driver to wait for you for your return trip). Note that there is an entrance fee of P30/person (as of Dec. 2015).
  5. Alfonso Hotel Farm (20 minutes by car) – Alfonso Hotel Farm is Alfonso Hotel’s sister company. It is a resort for large groups, but guests of the hotel are free to enjoy our farm for the day. There is a minimal charge of P100/head for use of the pool at the farm. On a sunny day, it is a beautiful place to just be. Its athletic course is enjoyable for both grown-ups and kids. You will also witness a variety of birds soaring around the fruit trees native to Alfonso. There is also a creek in the property. If you don’t mind the steep stairs, it is absolutely rewarding to cool your feet off in this clean stream called Lilitan River (named after the plant that thrives there). Reserve at the front desk for access to the farm. Farm hours are from 8 am to 4:45 pm.
  6. Taal Vista Hotel – After your vacation at Alfonso Hotel, why not stop by Taal Vista Hotel on your way back to Manila, so you can enjoy their cultural dance show? One may order a la carte or from their buffet to be seated at the restaurant to enjoy the show. The dances are performed by a professional dance company, showcasing different regions in the Philippines through the dances and costumes. Tourists from abroad have shared that the shows are truly worth a visit.
  7. Paradizoo (15 minutes by car from the highway, 25 minutes from the hotel) – Paradizoo is actually not far from Alfonso Hotel Farm. It is a sprawling 10-hectare property with camels, goats, horses, ostriches, and other farm animals. The property is further landscaped with many different kinds of flowers and orchids, so it's no surprise why Paradizoo is flocked by busloads of students visiting. However, it's not everyday that there are field trips. And when you happen to be one of the few people there, it is enjoyable just to walk around. Children of all ages will enjoy the freedom to run around.
  8. Mahogany Market – For local and international tourists, it is worthwhile to visit Mahogany Market. It is a relatively secure and clean public market with a lot of fruit, vegetables, and plants.
  9. Watch the sunset from Il Gallo Nero - Enjoy our carefully selected money-for-value house wines as you watch the sun set. The experience is special and priceless!